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Qurban in Meccca 2021M/1442H

Aqiqah4u Provided Services For Aqiqah Qurban Nazar Dam  Sedekah

No.1 Pioneer in South East Asia

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Qurban aqiqah4u 2020

Qurban in Mecca 2021

Aqiqah4u offers Qurban services in the Holy Land of Mecca which are performed on 11,12, and 13 Zulhijjah every year since 2012 with the offering of Qurban of Goats, Cows and even Camels.

Qurban aqiqah4u 2020

Aqiqah in Mecca

Aqiqah is conducted daily with 150 slaughter slots in the Holy Land of Mecca with cheaper and convenient price offers.

Qurban aqiqah4u 2020

Sadaqah, Nazar, Dam Mecca

Apart from Aqiqah, Aqiqah4u also takes bookings for Nazar Sadaqah and also Dam implemented in the Holy Land of Mecca

Why You Should Do With Us?

Office in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

An’am Slaughter House,KM 10, Makkah 24261, Saudi Arabia 

The leader of Aqiqah at Mecca in Malaysia

Main Supplier of Companies conducting Aqiqah Mecca Business in Malaysia & Southeast Asia since 2012.

Easy Process, 100% Online

We practice 100% Online Process of Registration, Payment and Evidence of Slaughter Videos & Pictures.

Aqiqah in 24 Hours, Fast!

Aqiqah Booking can be done in 24 Hours, Morning Pay, Evening Finish! Video evidence also will be given on the same day.

Special Gifts

As a Memento and Success of Aqiqah Implementation, each Customer will receive a Certificate of Engraved Name on The Wooden Certificate & Zam-Zam Water 250ml

Aqiqah4u Malaysia

The Process Of Ibadah

We use the Wakalah Concept in performing the Ibadah for our customers. Register with us and perform Ibadah Aqiqah, Qurban, Nazar, Dam  and Sadaqah in the Holy Land of Mecca.


Customers will be notified of the Status of the Ibadah performed with us via SMS and Email


Customers will receive Exclusive Souvenirs from Aqiqah4u, such as Zam-Zam Drink Water 250ml and a certificate.

Aqiqah4u Now In ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital

We are committed to assisting parents in performing Aqiqah for their loved ones as early as the 7th Day of Birth.

Aqiqah4u service is very easy with everything from start to finish, photos and videos of the Aqiqah also will be Provided! The certificate more than ordinary, you can also get Zam-Zam Water as a gift.  I Recommended Aqiqah4u Malaysia

Mohd Hazalif Bin Mohd Hazani


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Aqiqah4u is a Platform for the Performing of Aqiqah, Qurban, Nazar, Dam and Sedaqah Online conducted in the Holy Land of Mecca, This Website is operated by Arovis Global Sdn Bhd


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