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Help with the implementation of Aqiqah, Qurbani & other Ibadah for you in the Holy Land of Mecca.


Worship performed with the Wakalah Agreement from you to us in the Holy Land of Mecca


The main purpose of performing this worship is because of Allah Ta'ala.

Aqiqah4u service

Qurban aqiqah4u 2020

Mecca Sacrifice 2021

Aqiqah4u offers a Qurban service in the Holy Land of Mecca which is held on 11, 12, and 13 Zulhijjah every year since 2012 with the offering of Goat, Cow and Camel Sacrifice.

Qurban aqiqah4u 2020

Aqiqah of Mecca

Aqiqah is conducted every day with 150 slaughter slots in the Holy Land of Mecca with a cheaper and easier price offer. 

Qurban aqiqah4u 2020

Almsgiving, Nazar, Mecca Dam

Apart from Aqiqah, Aqiqah4u also takes bookings for Almsgiving, Vows and Dam of Mistakes carried out in the Holy Land of Mecca

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