Offenses during Umrah that are subject to Umrah Dam or fines

Umrah is one of the most important religious practices for Muslims. It is a worship that has blessings and forgiveness of sins if performed perfectly.

However, as an Umrah pilgrim, it is mandatory to understand and comply with the rules that have been set so that the performance of Umrah runs smoothly and is accepted by Allah SWT. There are some common mistakes that are often made without realizing it. Therefore, we need to clearly understand the rules in order to avoid making unwanted mistakes and eventually having to pay a fine or dam for this Umrah.

Common offenses that can result in a fine or Umrah ban

A. Offenses related to clothing Ihram

The intention is not in the designated place.
All Umrah pilgrims must intend at the designated place and have worn Ihram clothing while intending, for example if pilgrims from Medina, pilgrims must intend (bermiqat) at the Bir Ali Mosque near the border of Medina, as for pilgrims from Malaysia, their intention is at Qarnul Manazil while they are there in the Airplane and will usually be notified by the airline representative, if not, this offense may result in a fine or Umrah fine.

Wearing inappropriate Ihram clothes
Ihram clothing should be worn correctly and according to religious regulations. If there is any impropriety, such as sewing Ihram clothes or Ihram that is too tight, this can lead to a fine or Umrah check.

Wearing closed shoes or covering the face and head
While in Ihram, pilgrims must not wear shoes that cover the ankles and also cover the face and head, unless ordered by Ulul Amri as happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, this offense can result in a fine or umrah penalty.

Wearing gloves for men and women
While in Umrah, pilgrims must not wear gloves to cover themselves from the heat of the sun, this offense can result in a fine or Umrah penalty.

B. Mistakes during Tawaf

Stop or rest during Tawaf even if 7 rounds are not enough.
While performing Tawaf, pilgrims are required to continue moving around the Kaaba without stopping or resting, except in certain circumstances. Making this mistake can result in a fine or umrah penalty.

Covering the face during Tawaf for female pilgrims
The face of a female pilgrim must be uncovered without being covered by any obstacle such as a purdah or a face veil, unless ordered by Ulul Amri as happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, this offense can be fined or umrah dammed.

C. Offenses related to Hajarul Aswad

Kissing or touching Hajarul Aswad.
Hajarul Aswad is a black stone located in the corner of the Kaaba and is one of the stones sent down from Heaven. While performing Tawaf, touching or kissing Hajarul Aswad is absolutely prohibited, pilgrims may be fined or charged Umrah if they touch Hajarul Aswad while Tawaf is not completed.

D. Violating the prohibitions that have been set.

Wear perfume
Pilgrims cannot wear fragrances while intending Umrah and wearing ihram, such as wearing perfumes, deodorants or scented powders that will stick to ihram clothes, pilgrims may be fined or charged with umrah taxes if this happens.

Cutting or plucking nails or hair on the body
Pilgrims must not pull nails or hair from the body while in Ihram, this is the same as not cutting or pulling nails if they have performed ablution and do not perform the obligatory bath.

Hunting or killing lawful land animals
While wearing ihram, those who intend to perform Umrah may not hunt or kill halal land animals, this may result in a fine or umrah penalty if done by the congregation.

Uprooting and destroying plants living in the Haram Land
Pilgrims must not arbitrarily pull leaves or damage trees that are in the forbidden land during Umrah, pilgrims will be fined or umrah taxed.

E. Unprovoked Offenses

Forgetting to shave and tahalul after Umrah
Tahallul is part of the performance of Umrah. Pilgrims need to shave or cut their hair before returning to the hotel or resting to avoid forgetting and should be done immediately after finishing sai'e or after performing Umrah. If you don't do tahallul, you may be fined or fined.

F. Mistakes in relationships

Propose women, marry or be married
While in Umrah or Ihram, pilgrims must not propose to women for marriage, and women must not be married, if this happens, this may result in a fine or umrah dam that must be paid by both partners

Have sex or kiss
Pilgrims are not allowed to engage in intimate relations, i.e. intercourse or kissing, whether with lust or not, pilgrims must pay a fine or umrah fee if this is done.

Umrah fines or fines must be paid by Muslims who have committed offenses while wearing ihram or performing Umrah or Hajj

The importance of understanding this mistake for Umrah Pilgrims

A. Consequences of offenses that can be imposed fines or fines

Understanding the offenses that can be fined or fined is important for Umrah pilgrims. This mistake not only causes additional expenses but also reduces the blessings and rewards of Umrah.

B. Awareness of the importance of obeying the rules during Umrah

Awareness of the importance of following the rules during Umrah helps protect yourself and other pilgrims from accidental mistakes. This also helps create a peaceful and solemn atmosphere while performing worship.

C. Ensuring a smooth and blessed Umrah experience

By understanding and obeying the Umrah rules, pilgrims can ensure a smooth and meaningful Umrah experience. It allows the congregation to emphasize religious aspects and approach God with gratitude.

Tips to avoid mistakes during Umrah

A. Study or follow a comprehensive Umrah Course

Pilgrims should deepen their knowledge about Umrah rules so as not to get caught in unwanted mistakes. Read the manual and take the time to fully understand it.

B. Read the Umrah guide and fully understand

The Umrah guide contains important information. Pilgrims need to read it carefully and understand each step of performing Umrah.

C. Take advice from an experienced congregation

Listening to advice from pilgrims who have performed Umrah before can provide valuable knowledge and help avoid mistakes.

D. Communicate with the Umrah Mutawif to get a deeper understanding

The Mutawif appointed by the Umrah Travel Agency can usually provide a more detailed explanation of the rules and practices that need to be followed during Umrah. Feel free to ask if in doubt.

In conclusion, Umrah Pilgrims need to pay attention to offenses that can result in fines or fines during Umrah, Pilgrims need to pay serious attention to offenses that may result in fines or fines during Umrah. Understanding and obeying the rules of Umrah is the responsibility of every pilgrim to perform worship perfectly and obtain blessings from Allah.

Umrah pilgrims must strive to make the Umrah experience a meaningful and blessed worship, by understanding the rules and avoiding mistakes, the pilgrims can make the Umrah experience a meaningful and blessed worship. May every step we take bring us closer to Him and bring positive changes in our lives.

If the congregation has committed a mistake in Umrah, the congregation must ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT and pay the Umrah Dam, has Umrah Dam Package for the congregation to pay, directly to


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