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If you are looking for a platform to perform Aqiqah online, and are among the platforms that parents in Malaysia always look for. Both offer online Aqiqah services, but there are some differences to note.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what differentiates from, as well as the benefits and uniqueness offered by these two platforms. So, read on to know the difference between Aqiqah Online between the two!

Reliability and Reputation of and

Reliability and reputation are important factors in choosing an online aqiqah platform. and are two popular platforms in Malaysia that offer online aqiqah services. First of all, let's talk about the reliability of has gained a good reputation in providing quality aqiqah services and meeting the needs of customers. Customers who use this platform often leave positive comments about their experience. The teachers in charge at also help in carrying out the aqiqah process properly and in accordance with the requirements of syariah. In addition, this platform also offers re-slaughter if there is any problem with the aqiqah provided, such as the wrong pronunciation of the name, or the wrong date of the aqiqah.

Next, let's look at the reputation of is also known as a trusted platform in providing aqiqah services in Malaysia. Customers often give positive comments about the quality of aqiqah provided and the speedy service. Qualified ustaz are also involved in this aqiqah process, ensuring that all procedures are carried out in accordance with syar'a. The reliability and reputation of has made many people choose this platform to conduct their aqiqah.

Both and are reliable platforms and have a good reputation in Malaysia. Customers can choose between these two platforms based on their needs and suitability. Moreover, with the positive reviews from customers and the involvement of experienced ustaz-ustaz, these two platforms are the ideal choice for conducting aqiqah online.

Services provided by and

The services provided by and are online aqiqah platforms that offer convenience for customers who want to perform aqiqah for their children. One of the significant differences between these two platforms is in the Aqiqah package offered. offers Aqiqah packages in several locations including Aqiqah in the Holy Land of Mecca, Aqiqah in Africa conducted in Uganda, Aqiqah in Indonesia which is perfected and in Bandung and also a choice for parents who want to conduct Aqiqah in Malaysia. Meanwhile, only offers Aqiqah packages conducted in the Holy Land of Mecca.

Apart from that, offers a variety of worship options that meet the needs of customers other than Aqiqah, namely, Qurban, Nazar, Dam, Sedekah, Badal Hajj and Badal Umrah. also offers similar services, but only limited to Aqiqah, Qurban and Badal Umrah.

In providing online aqiqah services, both and focus on reliability and quality. Users can choose between various packages offered by these two platforms based on their needs and budget. Although each platform has its own advantages and uniqueness, the final decision still depends on the user and their needs. It is important for users to do adequate research and compare the services provided by these two platforms before making an informed decision.

Prices and Aqiqah Packages offered by and

The price offered by is as low as RM390 up to RM1280, while at the price offered for the Aqiqah Package is from RM499.

The aqiqah packages offered by and are attractive and varied to meet the needs of customers. offers affordable aqiqah packages at competitive prices. Customers can choose from a variety of packages that suit their budget. In addition, also offers free advisory services through their contact line. This allows customers to get more information about the aqiqah packages offered and manage bookings easily.

Meanwhile, offers a comprehensive and quality aqiqah package. Customers can also contact for more information about their aqiqah package. With attractive packages and satisfactory contact services, and are the best choices for customers looking for quality and affordable aqiqah packages.

Convenience in the booking process at and

Convenience in the booking process is an important factor when choosing an online aqiqah platform. In and, both offer various facilities to order aqiqah slaughter easily and quickly. For, the booking process is very easy through online registration. Users only need to fill out a simple registration form and select the desired aqiqah package. Meanwhile, also provides a similar facility with quick and easy online registration. Users only need to select the desired date and aqiqah package, and the booking will be done automatically. The registration system provided by these two platforms makes it easy for parents to make an aqiqah reservation without any hassle or hassle. With this facility, parents can complete the aqiqah for their children easily and quickly.

For the convenience of choosing a Payment Gateway, provides a more flexible option compared to, this is because at customers can choose either to use payment via FPX paid directly from the Bank Account, or use Visa/Mastercard for Card Debit and Credit. In addition, customers can also make payments in installments enforced by the famous Payment Gateway, Atome, in 3 installments.

In conclusion, and are two online aqiqah platforms that provide convenience in the process of ordering aqiqah. With easy and fast online registration, parents can easily book aqiqah for their children. So, if you are looking for a platform that is easy to use and simplifies the booking process, and are good options to perfect your child's aqiqah.

Customer feedback and support at and

When choosing an online aqiqah platform, customer feedback and support is very important. At and, both offer satisfactory customer service. emphasizes on customer satisfaction by providing responsive and friendly customer support. They provide a phone number and email for customers to contact if there are any questions or problems. In addition, they also provide live chat and a question box to make it easier for customers to get help online. With an emphasis on quality customer service, ensures that their customers feel fully supported. also does not lag behind in providing feedback and customer support. They provide a customer contact form on their website that allows customers to send questions or feedback easily. also has a FAQ page that provides answers to frequently asked questions by customers. In addition, they also provide step-by-step instructions for customers who want to book online. With customer-oriented support, shows their commitment in providing high-quality services in online aqiqah.

If you are looking for an online aqiqah platform that provides satisfactory customer feedback and support, both and are good choices. They are equally concerned with customer satisfaction and providing responsive and friendly customer service. This way, you can feel confident and assured that your needs will be well taken care of. So, do not hesitate to choose any of these platforms when you are looking for the best online aqiqah service!

Evidence of Aqiqah Implementation at and

For the proof of Aqiqah execution on and on is very reliable, both of these platforms will provide photo evidence and video evidence with the name of the aqiqah, therefore customers do not need to worry if the customer's aqiqah is not carried out transparently because it is proven and trusted by thousands of customers in Malaysia.

At as the leader of Aqiqah and Qurban 100% Online, Proof of Aqiqah implementation can be checked at Status Check e-Certificate of Worship Implementation System at With this system, customers can access the proof of worship anytime, anywhere, the customer only needs to enter a unique status check search code that will be sent via SMS and Email notification when the aqiqah has been completed, with this system the customer does not have to worry about this proof being lost and need to contact the admin to get it, while at, there is no system used to provide proof of this implementation, customers will get this proof via Whatsapp. and are two platforms that are reliable and have a good reputation in providing aqiqah services. They offer a complete service and facilitate the customer in the booking process. The prices and aqiqah packages offered are also reasonable and varied to meet the needs of customers. and also provide quick responses and good customer support. In addition, the quality of their meat and slaughter management is also guaranteed, giving customers confidence. So, and are good choices to perform aqiqah easily, reliably, and with quality.

Interested in perfecting Aqiqah for your beloved child with Register directly with a variety of online aqiqah packages offered at


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