Answering the question of Sacrifice in Mecca, a fraud.

Every year, every time the Qurban season approaches, some individuals, figures, etc. start making statements about the issue of Qurban worship in Mecca.
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Every year, every time the Qurban season approaches, some individuals, figures, etc. start making statements about the issue of Qurban worship in Mecca. Among the issues that are often heard are

"where is the price of goats in Mecca as low as RM 400 each"

"What contract do they use?"

"Sacrifice in Mecca is nothing but vain"

"lost the spirit of Qurban near Mecca"

"be careful with companies that offer sacrifice services in Mecca"

"If Aqiqah can get one video, why can't qurban?"

 "To whom is the distribution in Mecca? Isn't it a rich country?"

The one who gave the above statements probably never went to the goat farms in Makkah during the day of Qurban which is carried out on the days of Tasyrik, who also claims to have never lived in Makkah for many years and has enough knowledge about the conditions and situations in Mecca.

In the Islamic method, the accuser with an allegation of an accusation must provide evidence. البينة على المدعي

We at Aqiqah4u respect the views of several parties and individuals who make statements because we want the community to be careful. We respect their views as they are not convinced by this service. That's your right, but don't hit everyone who runs the qurban business in Mecca as liars

Before that, we would like to emphasize that this is a statement and what is done by AQIQAH4u only, and is not responsible for other companies that perform the same service except companies that are registered with us and our official agents throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

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Goat prices are cheap in Mecca

"... where there is a price of goats in Mecca as low as RM 400-500 each, Tabung Haji also sells them for RM900 more..."

The price of goats in Mecca is various, according to the type and also the size of the goat. There are only small goats, but the price reaches SAR 1,300 per one. There are big and fat goats, but the price is around SAR 300- SAR 350 each. The type of goat we buy is a goat weighing 25-40kg. Arabs call the goat type Harri. This Harri goat also has some that reach up to SR 1,000, for example like the "Balady" sub-breed

We chose Harri type goats because they are perfect in terms of Shariah, old enough, healthy and weight that exceeds the requirements.

Some parties deny this fact because it relies on the official price of Saudi Arabia sold for those who buy through the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) company. In Mecca, half of the people who are busy or don't have time to go to the slaughterhouse on the Hajj holiday, they can go directly to the Qurban payment counters that are open around Mecca. IDB is the party entrusted to manage the official sacrifice in Mecca through the Adahi project. The price they sell is around SAR750 for a Goat through Wakalah & Salam Contract, the same as practiced by Aqiqah4u. You pay, get a receipt and go back. But there is no report, no video or photo to be used as proof that the Sabbatical has been performed perfectly.

So, that's why there are accusations why the price of qurban companies in Mecca is cheap compared to what is sold by the government of Saudi Arabia itself, in addition this year 2022, Tabung Haji also sells qurban in Mecca at a price almost reaching RM1,000 for a goat.

As explained in the paragraph above, the price of goat depends on the type of goat. If you go directly to the goat shed, you will find that the price is much cheaper than that sold by IDB or TH. Many people make statements based solely on assumptions.

Issues regarding the Sacrifice

"What contract do they use?"

Sacrifice in Mecca is in the form of wakalah, or it means you delegate your sacrifice to a second or third party. Where for this mecca sacrifice service, Aqiqah4u will officially and in detail in writing in the payment receipt regarding the service you obtained with the payment made and the total percentage of the company's take for management, wages and related tasks. By purchasing and paying for this service, it means that you have agreed to the contract and the payment made, based on the terms and conditions stated.

The meaning of Wakalah according to Arabic is "handing over" or "taking care of" (Taqiyuddin al-Husaini, Kifayatul Akhyar 1/238) while according to Syarak, Wakalah is the act of a person handing over his affairs to another person on matters that can be delegated, so that the other person does the delegated business (Zakariya al-Anshari, Fathul Wahhab 1/253)

Among the arguments supported for this Wakalah Agreement are:

"Jabir Bin Abdullah RA, he said, "I intend to go to Khaibar, then I came to Rasulullah SAW and said to him, "Indeed I am going out to Khaibar," then, Rasulullah SAW said, "Come to my representative and take from him 15 wasaq , if he asks for a sign from you, put your hand on his shoulder". (HR Abu Daud)

Rukun Wakalah has 4, viz

  1. Representative (Represented person)
  2. Representative (Person who represents)
  3. Muwakkal Fiihi (Delegated Affairs)
  4. Sighah (Ijab and Kabul)

Reference al-Fiqh al-Wadhi, (2/34)

For Wakalah matters, it is revealed that the person represented must have rights over the goods and at Aqiqah4u, we buy goats, cows and camels before they are sold to ensure that the rights and representatives over the goats are perfect in accordance with the principles and sharia.

Sacrifice in Mecca or at home?

"Sacrifice in Mecca is nothing"

The same goes for those who want to perform qurban, but cannot due to environmental factors, pandemics and so on. It doesn't mean, if we don't see ourselves in front of the eyes of the slaughtering of qurban, our qurban will not be judged by Allah.

Among the proofs of this sacrifice are:

"What I command, then do according to your ability". The Prophet SAW also said: "There is no action of the son of Adam on the day of Nahar (Aidil Adha) that God likes the most other than shedding blood (slaughtering a sacrificial animal), because it (the sacrificial animal) will come on the Day of Resurrection with horns. , its hoofs and feathers (as a witness to its master's sacrificial worship), and verily the blood (of the sacrificial animal) will be spilled in the presence of God in a place before spilling on the earth".

At Aqiqah4u, we are committed to saying that the Qurban in Mecca is an option, an easier & cheaper option.

Dumping of the Company that offers the Sacrifice in Mecca

 "be careful with companies that offer sacrifice services in Mecca"

Yes! You have to be careful. In many companies that manage aqiqah and qurban services, there will definitely be parties who take advantage. No matter the opportunity to deceive customers, nor the opportunity to bring down the business run by competitors

A little history of Aqiqah4u's journey for your information, Aqiqah4u has been running the business of Aqiqah and Qurban service in Mecca for more than 10 years, which started in the capacity of an individual (the founder of Aqiqah4u) who was given the opportunity by God to live in Mecca since 2012. Then he married a woman born Mecca in 2014. This opportunity gave the founder of aqiqah4u an opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of Qurban and Aqiqah management in the Holy Land of Mecca.

Every year he goes down by himself to the battlefield (slaughterhouse) on the morning of Eid starting on 10 Zulhijjah as early as 6.30am (6.30am in Saudi Arabia is like 8.30am in Malaysia).

On the morning of Eid, almost all the other friends are still performing the Hajj, some of whom are moving to Mina, and some have also finished performing tawaf at Masjid al-Haram to return to their respective homes. Alhamdulillah, while in Mecca, Hajj was performed 3 times. As for the other years, the focus is on the management of Qurban worship.

Such is the annual routine of the founder of Aqiqah4u to ensure that your qurban journey in the Holy Land of Mecca is carried out well. Others are busy to increase their Hajj or perform Badal Hajj, but we at Aqiqah4u are committed to ensuring that all trusts run smoothly and as planned. Our customers before the pandemic were Malaysian pilgrims, representatives of travel agencies and also residents in Saudi Arabia from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, USA, Nepal, and Cambodia.

As for answering the previous viral issue about the qurban that overlaps between many names in Mecca, it is because these companies take middlemen from among irresponsible African, Bangladeshi and Indonesian agents, who do not carry out the trust given truly, every customer needs to research more so as not to become the next victim.

Evidence of Sacrifice Implementation Report

 "If Aqiqah can get one video, why can't qurban?"

The party that manages the sacrifice in the Holy Land of Mecca is too many. It doesn't matter whether it is a company, an individual, or the students of Ummul Qura University themselves. The execution of the slaughter is different according to the capacity of the party managing your qurban. There are parties who slaughter small quantities of sacrifices, and there are parties who slaughter large quantities. Of course there is a difference in the execution of slaughtering for 5 goats and 5000 goats in a period of only 4 days during Qurban. On average, we sacrifice around 4000-5000 goats every year. It does not include the registration of camel and cow sacrifices where the registration reaches around 60 each year. So, the many implementations that are REPRESENTED to the Aqiqah4u party will be implemented in the best possible way within 3-4 days only on Tasyrik Day.  

Qurban is not the same as aqiqah worship which has a wider time. For Aqiqah, our ability is to slaughter around 150 - 300 animals per day, including taking videos (recording) and photos for each participant nominee. It will take time and delay the slaughtering process, in addition to many other parties who need the same space for slaughtering. Different from the qurban which we will carry out by locality division and the process needs to be carried out faster.

Why? Because the use of the slaughterhouse is 10 times that outside the Hajj season. If aqiqah it is more flexible, but the qurban period is only 4 days. That is why we do not provide you with videos and photos for each slaughter, but only a general report of the execution in the form of videos and photos only. What is important is your trust is our responsibility.

It is the same as the implementation with IDB that has been mentioned above. Saudi Arabia itself does not provide you with videos and photos of every slaughtered animal, not to mention the implementation report as we provide. Through the official side of Saudi Arabia, you only pay and get a receipt, then tawakkal, but with us, we provide you with a report throughout the implementation process. It depends on each person's belief.

Qurban Report 2021 Aqiqah4u –

Recipient of Sacrificial Meats in Mecca.

"To whom is the distribution in Mecca? Isn't Saudi a rich country?"

Saudi Arabia is a rich country, but not all its people are rich. Many permanent residents in Mecca are from Africa, Burma, Bangladesh, Pattani, Indonesia and various other poor countries.

The cost of living is very high for non-Saudis, especially during this pandemic. Some people say that even in Malaysia, many people are struggling. Yes, we don't deny it, but, have you helped in Malaysia, you can't help our Muslim brothers outside Malaysia? May the recipients of this meat distribution pray for goodness for all those who perform Qurban in Mecca.

For meat distribution, Aqiqah4u will divide the locality of slaughter according to place. It should be understood that in Mecca there are 3 categories of slaughterhouses. Saudi Arabia's official slaughterhouse for the government, for private companies, and the third is a private slaughterhouse that is rented out like open land.

For sacrificial animals that are slaughtered in official slaughterhouses for private companies, usually the meat of the sacrifice is not allowed to be taken out in large quantities. The Makkah Authority will provide several ice trucks for the distribution of the sacrificial meat before it is distributed to orphanages and registered Welfare Centers.

At Aqiqah4u, we will distribute the sacrificial meats to the poor and needy people in the localities of Mecca that have been identified, and some of these sacrificial meats will be sent directly to welfare centers around Mecca.

God bless you. I hope this explanation can answer the questions that are in your mind

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