Is the Implementation of Modern Aqiqah Valid Online?

Aqiqah is an act of worship prescribed in Islam for every parent who has just had a child. Islam places it as an act of worship that is demanded as a sign of gratitude for the birth of a baby. Some scholars punish it as a muakkad circumcision, which is a circumcision that is highly demanded and has approached the obligatory law.

As a Muslim parent, it is not appropriate to consider this worship as an ordinary practice, in fact, it has a great impact on both parents and children. The impact and effects can be seen from various angles of the world and the hereafter.

The development of technology that is getting more and more advanced today negates the outdated reasons of every Muslim who partly make financial issues, time constraints, and environmental constraints as reasons not to perform this aqiqah worship, because it is only once in a lifetime. The best execution of aqiqah is done by the baby's father himself, that is by personally slaughtering 2 goats for a baby boy and 1 goat for a baby girl. The convenience of the internet these days makes the process of implementing this aqiqah even easier.

Online Banking in purchases makes it easier for customers to fulfill their pure wishes in the implementation of the chosen Ibadah

Apart from facilitating online registration and purchase, parents can also delegate and allow second and third parties to perform for them. This method is allowed on the condition that the registration is done by yourself and is given permission by the parents of the baby. This is because the demand for aqiqah rests on the father's responsibility because it is the father who provides for his children. This online purchase and implementation is based on the concept of 'akad wakalah', which is representation, which is the same as when you buy any product and service online.

Every service you register is sure you know in detail what you want to buy and need, then make the payment 'online' as proof and further strengthen your determination as a buyer. The seller will receive the payment and confirm your purchase with the type of service you registered, then carry it out responsibly until it is completed. That is the meaning of an online purchase procedure, regardless of whether it is the purchase of daily needs, the purchase of worldly services, or fulfilling religious and personal needs.

It can be done if the parents really don't have time, or have limited financial constraints, but still want to fulfill the requirements of Shariah. Anyway, you must remember, if you CAN, do it yourself in your own place, and that's the Best. From the point of view of time, the best day to perform this aqiqah worship is on the 7th day of birth, without denying the scope of the implementation of this aqiqah on other days.

Aqiqah is an act of worship that has no difference between the past and modern times, the only thing that differentiates it is the means of implementation. Ibadah is a practice that needs to have an example from the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam as a condition of its acceptance in the eyes of God, but the means of its implementation depends on the passage of time. Maybe in the past, Muslims only prayed on the sand and coconut leaves, but now we have mats, carpets and so on as our comfort tools to pray in this modern age. Wallahu a'alam.

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